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We at Trópicca present a little of the people who create our products, we appreciate the cautious production cared for by Tecelagem WS and each weaver.

The beauty of the tradition, culture and art that accompanies our days keeps us engaged so that our work can return solidly to the continuation of manual weaving.

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Began his life in weaving when he was a child when, along with his mother Vaninha, followed the manufacture of the products from the fabric yarns to the sales, traveling on the top of the goods. His roots were so powerful that he decided to professionalize himself and pursue a fashion bachelor degree, being part of the first generation of craftsmen´s children to professionalize himself.
His passion goes beyond the fabric yarns, it´s in his soul a rare way of dealing with the weavers, knowing each one´s way, having a different look towards them and caring the same boy´s laughter until this day. João lives among fabric yarns and weavers in the Minas Gerais state´s south and it´s him who daily cares for the production. His soul, his love and his effort are all over Trópicca.


A rare case in the city, this weaver hasn´t come from a weavers family, but at the age of 6 started to unravel her mom´s cloths to learn how to finish the handmade fabric in order to buy a hand watch that she wanted. Within time she learned all the techniques involved in handmade weaving, but her true passion is preparing the fabric yarns to weave, which is when she expresses all of her inspirations.


Began working at a hospital at the age of 17 when her sister in law taught her weaving to increase her family´s income. Since she was 20 years old she dedicated herself exclusively to weaving and carries in her craft her love and faith. One of her habits is to bless the fabrics she creates.


He lives in the countryside where he does not find many options for work, so at age 10 he learned to weave with his mother. She still remembers that her first fabric was to make a door weight. She never had a hard time learning, so much so that today she knows and knows how to do almost every plot in the manual loom. He carries beside his loom a radio that is always on to help time pass.


Learned to weave with her sister in law at the age of 19 by curiosity. Weaving is what she loves the most in life, so much that she taught many people for free and according to her "the sun shines for everybody''. Her daughters showed interest in weaving since they were children, which let her proud to be able to transmit this craft and art to them. She thinks the weaver must weave as the product was for himself.


Lived in the rural area until 20 years old, where she used to take care of her siblings and work harvesting coffee. As soon as she moved to the urban area she learned how to weave, differently from her family, which used to work with another types of crafts. She has been working as a weaver in the Tecelagem WS for 17 years and is proud of being the first employee to arrive there and the last to leave.

Creating Hands


Comes from a family where the art of weaving has been passed down from generation to generation. At age 11, she learned how to weave a rug and a towel, and from the beginning she weaves several weavings. She is proud to say she has never lost or misread a braid and says "whim is key to weaving well".



Carmo do Rio Claro | Minas Gerais, CEP 37150-000


Tel: +55 (16) 98186-3451

We develop our products joining the millennial art of weaving and the current technologies which enable us to minimize our impact in the environment.

Banana Fiber

We used banana fibers extracted by the artisan Ana Cláudia, known as Ana Banana.


All work is manual, from harvesting, drying and handling to yarn. Atlantic Forest Biome.

Raw Material


Basic Line




Basic Line


Brazil in its immensity of rivers and mountains, lakes and seas, with all its natural diversity inspired us!

Biomes of Brazil Collection

Banana Fiber

Atlantic Forest Biome

Jute Vegetable Textile Fiber

Amazon Biome

Tróppica emerged from the affection towards the manual weaving and  became a collaborative business among the craftsmen of Carmo do Rio Claro, Minas Gerais state´s country side.

Our  involvement with manual design values and encourages the local culture´s tradition which is transmitted through generations.

We integrally believe that is possible to build a better world and, in order to reach that, we are always seeking new solutions to inspire and make people aware of their role and, in this way, together minimize the impact in our planet.


Made with jute (Corchorus capsularis) organic and resistant fiber, produced on the banks of the Solimões River in the Amazon Forest, Brazil. Feel this history!


Is there anything more Brazilian than our mestizo sandals? Fabric made in plant laminate, with banana fiber and insole with jute ropes. Our biomes Atlantic Forest and Amazon filled with comfort and appreciation.

Sandals and bags made from the reuse and recycling of materials

Basic Line

PET Wires

Sandals with natural latex soles and fabric produced with raw material from recycling PET bottles and recycled cotton.

Assum Preto (VHS Tapes)

 Winner creation at the 12th House & Gift Design awards, recognized by its sustainability concept. Product made from natural yarns and recycled VHS tape.